COVID-19 Safety Information

as of October 2020

We would like our clients and potential clients to know that we take your safety and health very seriously. Please keep the following in mind as you prepare to come in for your headshots:

• Our studio is a low-traffic space in a fairly isolated location.
• We are currently scheduling no more than 2 sessions per day, spaced at least 60 minutes apart to allow for cleaning and air circulation/filtration.
• We will wear masks during your session and practice the appropriate social distancing throughout your shoot. 
• We always disinfect our contact surfaces before and between clients and will continue to do so with extra diligence.
• Please arrive as close to camera-ready as possible – this means doing your own hair and makeup at home. You can bring along hair and makeup products (including hot hair tools) for changes during the session. We can’t assist with these changes in any way other than through verbal recommendations.
• Male clients and female clients that prefer not to wear makeup still need to wear powder to keep shininess at bay. We recommend that everyone familiarize themselves with a basic makeup routine – this goes for our male clients as well – that includes concealer, foundation, and anti-shine powder.
• We will still provide anti-shine powder and disposable applicators for touch ups during the shoot (via self-application only).
• We will work with you before your session to get your plan locked down so you do not have to bring more than is necessary.
• We are monitoring our own temperatures and our health in general regularly. Should anything concerning arise on our end we will notify incoming clients immediately. We ask that our clients do the same. 

>> If you are feeling at all ill or have been in contact with someone who is ill please do not come in. If you are concerned about deposits, just contact us and we’ll work it out.