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Pay What You Can

Thank you for your interest in our Consulting service! We are pausing this service in order to focus on reopening our studio safely and serving our waitlist of photography clients. We are unsure if we will continue to offer this service over the coming months, but will post updates here so check back every once in a while or feel free to email and we’ll let you know directly.

What an unusual time this is. Many of you aren’t sure exactly what to do right now and we’re right there with you. We understand that most people are not comfortable leaving their homes for any unnecessary reason, and for good reason. We also understand that headshots fall into the “unnecessary” category. But we figure why not try to be productive even in the murkiness? So we’re offering whatever services we can to you, including Reel EditingPhoto Retouching, and now Image Consulting. Read on for more details on our consulting services.

We’ve been providing informal Image Consulting on a simple scale to our headshot clients for the past 8 years, and now we’re expanding upon and opening it up to everyone – and we mean everyone. Because it’s a virtual service, we can work with people in different markets, areas, and time zones. 

We’ll start by reviewing your current materials – your headshots, reels, website and/or social media. We’ll then set up a virtual meeting to speak to you “in person” and get a sense of who you actually are IRL. We’ll then finalize a lookbook based on everything that we’ve discussed. The lookbook will include character types (images and descriptions), wardrobe and makeup/hair suggestions, as well as shopping suggestions. We can also help you go through the items in your closet that work (again, virtually). The lookbook is yours to keep and use whether you end up shooting with us or another photographer. Obviously, when it comes time, we hope it’s us.

With all of this uncertainty, we know that shelling out cash isn’t doable for everyone right now, so we’re offering this service for whatever you are able to pay. If you can’t pay, that’s ok, we still want to work with you. If you can, then awesome, we really appreciate it. We’ll provide our Venmo information along with your lookbook delivery, but don’t feel pressure. We’re all in this thing together.

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Use the form below for questions or to jump right in.

Use the form below for questions or to jump right in.