– Solo Studio Session –
– 60 minute shoot –
– Average 3-4 looks, but no official limit –
– 2 fully retouched images of your choice included –
– Light adjustments on up to 3 additional images –
– Natural Light –
– Color Backdrops –
– Access to all files in high res –
– Pre-shoot consultation via email, phone, or video chat –
– Music hookups if you have a playlist (Spotify and Pandora if you don’t) –
– Hydration –

>> Please note you will need to arrive to your One-Hour session as close to camera-ready as possible <<

>> Referral and returning client discounts do not apply to this session. <<

After the Shoot

The official turnaround to get your proofs is 7-10 days (rarely longer than 7 days). We send you a link to a zip file, which you will want to download directly to your computer. We do a pass of your session to remove all the blinking and talking faces, but we do not make decisions about what is good or…less good…so you will receive several hundred images.


You get 2 fully retouched images included with your session and light adjustments on up to 3 additional selections. Any additional full retouches are $15 per image. The full retouching process generally includes removing blemishes and flyaway hairs, brightening teeth and eyes, cleaning up garments if needed, and giving the photo an extra color pop and sharpen. Light adjustments include removal of a blemish here and there, or a spot on clothing, a less intensive color enhancement if needed and a little sharpening. Feel free to ask if there’s a minor issue on your photo. We’ll let you know if the full retouching fee is necessary.