Our creative home base is 270˚ Studios in Atwater Village on the border of Glendale. We’re thrilled to be able to offer our clients more services, more room, and more diversity for sessions in and around our 2100 sq ft space.

los angeles photography studio

We’re located in the industrial area of Atwater Village (near Golden Road Brewery). In addition to our private interior studio, we have a front alley that serves as an industrial setting, and a back area with greenery and actual (but inoperative) train tracks. Our studio is made up of three areas: a front lounge with great light for shoots and/or lounging; the center area serves as our workshop (we do woodworking as well); the back 800sf space comprises our main photo studio and meeting space. 

The building has served many purposes over it’s long life, and it needed a lot of love when we moved in. We spent months renovating and readying the building, taking it from a rough (and we mean rough) shell to a beautiful multi-purpose creative space. We learned more than we ever wanted to know about drywall, paint, caulking, plumbing and wiring, but we (and the studio) are better for it. 

And yes, we painted the ceiling blue.

Interested in renting the studio?