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corporate and branding sessions

Samples of our work with professionals and entrepreneurs from all walks. On location and in our studio. Location shoots noted upon hover. Please note that not all images are retouched. We don’t require that you get retouching in order to use your images.

studio session rates

$25 off for referrals and returning clients. Let us know how you heard about us when you book.

  • short sesh : $300

    30 minutes. 1 retouched image of your choice included.

    Average session results in 3-4 looks.

  • power hour : $425

    60 minutes. 2 retouched images of your choice included. Average session results in 4-6 looks.

    Additional h/mu prep time available when you hire a pro, see FAQs below for details.

  • standard : $575

    2 hours. 3 retouched images of your choice included. Average session results in 6-8 looks.

    Additional h/mu prep time available when you hire a pro, see FAQs below for details.

  • the works : $750

    3 hours. 4 retouched images of your choice included. Average session results 8-10+.

    Additional h/mu prep time available when you hire a pro, see FAQs below for details.

  • additional person (shared session) : $125

    share any of the above sessions with up to one other person for an additional $125. At least one retouch per person is included with each session.

For On-Location session pricing, please reach out directly via the form below or email us.

frequently asked questions

We’re all about collaboration and communication. Allison has a background that includes production, acting and directing. She applies the principles learned in school, classes and on set to every session which helps clients of all kinds immediately feel more comfortable in front of the camera. She will not let you wonder what you should do – she will guide you and direct you. But there will also be room for you to explore your own ideas and play. 

We’re not at all anti-photoshop, but for the finished product, we do our best to deliver beautiful images to you from the jump. We give you access to your high res unretouched images via your online gallery, so if you prefer to skip the final pop and polish, that’s alright with us.

We take headshots and portraits (editorial/pr) for actors, musicians, comedians, clowns, you name it. We also take corporate headshots and branding shots for other kinds of professionals. We also offer in-studio family sessions and product photography

Sub FAQ: What’s the difference between these things?

Acting headshots are for actors looking to get auditions and representation.

Editorial/PR shots are more personality driven shots that tell a story about the subject and may be used for promotional purposes or publications (with permission). These tend to be more experimental and less adherent to any particular industry rules. They’re for all kinds of people, but we put them with performers because we’ve got to categorize somehow.

Corporate headshots are for business professionals like CEOs, entrepreneurs, corporate consultants, real estate agents, doctors, lawyers etc.

Branding shots are for non-corporate professionals like therapists, teachers, authors, chefs, coaches, etc.

Product shots are for ecommerce shops, brick and mortar shops, food service – anything that involves a thing. 

Family sessions are family portraits. You get it.  

For organization purposes, we prefer to book via email. Scroll down to the contact form at the bottom of this page to give us all the info we need to get you on the books.

Please visit the corresponding category for the session you want to book (performer headshots/portraits, corporate/branding, products, families) to find rates or click on rates under the category in our main menu.

There is a $75 non-refundable deposit required to hold your appointment. That amount goes toward your session provided you keep your appointment as planned, or reschedule within our grace period (more details on that next).

We collect a deposit to ensure that all parties have a stake in keeping the appointment. Once paid, this deposit is 100% non-refundable, no exceptions. 
You WILL NOT lose your deposit if you request to reschedule with at least 5 days’ notice. 
You WILL lose your deposit if you request to reschedule within 5 days of your appointment. 
Super specific example: If your session is on Friday the 25th at 12:35pm, be sure to reschedule by Sunday the 20th at 12:35pm to retain your deposit. If you request to reschedule after that time, you will lose your deposit. 
We understand that life happens, but we cannot be responsible for things that come up in your life that prevent you from coming in. For actors, we recommend you book out during the time of your shoot, or that you let us know if there’s even a possibility of a callback or a booking conflict so we can line up a potential backup (you get this info, so share it even if it’s not a done deal). But really, if you’ve booked something, don’t let $75 ruin the celebration.
Now the exceptions (you’re right, we said no exceptions, but keep reading anyway):
– If we find someone to take your place, you keep your deposit. In our experience, it’s tricky to find a taker with less than a week’s notice, but we will try because we like being able to pay rent.
– If you find someone to take your place. The deposit is fully transferable if you have a friend who will take the appointment. Kind of like a concert ticket, except headshots. So actually very different, but you get it.
– If we have to reschedule you for any reason, you can opt for a refund and decline to rebook.
Please note that not reading this policy is not a valid excuse for requesting that your deposit be refunded. Not sure who we’re talking to here, because now you’ve read the whole thing and you’re the best!

Yes. We can shoot classic professional headshots as well as less corporate branding shots in the same session as long as you book enough time for the looks you need.

Yes. This is a great way to save a little money and still get the looks you need. The additional person fee is $125 for shared headshot sessions. 

When you book a shared session, we have both you and your shooting partner arrive at the same time and switch back and forth so that one of you shoots while the other preps for the next look. This works best when you’re doing your own hair and makeup and/or you don’t need to make major adjustments between looks.

Hiring a professional HMUA makes a shared session a little more complicated, but is doable. We highly recommend booking the Standard or Works sessions if both parties want to use pro HMUA services. We’ll be happy to get into the weeds with you on the logistics of this if you let us know your specific needs when you reach out.

For corporate team pricing or ongoing photography services send us an email.

For a friends headshot or a family headshot, where we are not also getting individual headshots for each person, there is no extra person fee and we recommend booking the Short Sesh.

We can provide the very basics for people that don’t have any experience applying makeup and/or don’t own their own makeup. If you want to hire someone for full hair and makeup/grooming services, you are welcome to do so. We do not make these arrangements for you, but we have a list of excellent options on our HMUA info page

Please read our HMUA info page if you’re considering hiring a pro. You do NOT need to hire someone from our list, but be sure your HMUA knows what they’re doing when it comes to headshot makeup. 

Wardrobe is super important for headshots and should not be left to the last minute. Formulating a plan before the session helps everything go smoothly and gives you all the confidence going into your session. If you’re repped, check with your agents and/or managers as they may have very specific requests. Allison is also more than happy to consult on your wardrobe before your session or on the day. Here are a couple of options for help on this:

If you want to get input from us, we offer a few options. First, the freebies: you can send along your list of looks/types and wardrobe options via google drive or dropbox (not text, please)  and Allison will get back to you with feedback. You just need to send this email at least 5 days before your session. A 20-minute zoom consultation is also possible but based on availability. 

For our full consultation option, head to the next question.

Yes. On location pricing is based on several factors. Please reach out via the form below to tell us more about what you’re looking for and we will get back to you with a quote.

We are located in the industrial area of Atwater Village, near Golden Road Brewery. 

Yes. Our large multi-purpose creative space has plenty of room for you to spread out. There’s a bathroom, makeup area, and private changing space. We have a small kitchenette with water, microwave, and fridge. The studio also has an HVAC system that keeps us from completely melting away during those east side summers and freezing during the winter (jk).

Yes. Feel free to bring a playlist for your session. We will hook up your phone to our sound system. We also have Spotify so you can listen to pretty much whatever you want while we work.

We send images to you via an online gallery platform. You can share, create a favorites list, and download images (or the gallery as a whole). For headshots, portraits, corporate and branding sessions, we get this link out to you within one week of your shoot.

Every session comes with at least one retouched image. The breakdown for each session above lists the amount of retouches that are included. Additional retouching for Tandem clients is $20 per image.

For more information visit the retouching page.

Yes, we will send you or your recipient a digital gift card that they can use to book an appointment. Just let us know who you’re buying for and how much you want to spend.

Don’t worry, we’ll send you a comprehensive document when you book that will have even more information and tons of tips for prepping for the shoot. If anything isn’t answered in there, you are welcome to ask.

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