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FAQs about Scheduling

We prefer to book via email so that we can keep everything in writing. You can send us a message through our contact page and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a date and time.  

Yes, a $50 non-refundable deposit will be required to hold your appointment ($25 for Supplementary Sessions). We’ll send you all the info you need for the session along with an invoice for the deposit once a date and time is set. Please be sure to review the Rescheduling Policy right below for more information on deposits.

You can reschedule if you need to, however, you may lose your deposit if you don’t give us enough notice. Please read on for a thorough breakdown of our rescheduling policy. 

Rescheduling less than a week before your appointment:  A new deposit is due to hold a new date and your original deposit is forfeited. So if your appointment is on a Friday at 11:30am, you must let us know by 11:30am the Friday before. Exception: If you do the work of finding a last minute replacement for yourself, we’ll be happy to move your appointment (and accompanying deposit) to a new date, provided your replacement comes in as scheduled. 

We’re not trying to be mean. People generally need a little time to plan and prepare for their headshots, so filling a spot within the same week can be pretty tricky.

Rescheduling more than a week before your appointment: A second deposit is required, but the entire amount will go toward your shoot. Rescheduling for any reason means that you go to the end of the line, so to speak, so it could be a bit before we can get you back in. 

Cancelling outright: Your deposit is forfeited.

But what about…

Auditions: We know they can come in last minute and if we can work with you to adjust your shoot time for your original date, we will do so. However, this is not guaranteed and often unlikely, so we recommend that you book out or change your audition time if possible to accommodate your headshot appointment. A new deposit will still be due if you cancel your appointment for an audition. 

Bookings: If you book work – well done and congratulations!!! But also… it likely didn’t sneak up on you. If you go on an audition for a job that could possibly shoot on your headshot day, please let us know so we can line up a possible backup. We will not give away your shoot until you confirm you’ve booked the gig. If you spring a reschedule request on us last minute due to booked work, we will not be able to apply your original deposit to a new appointment and a new deposit will be due.

Bad Haircuts/Colors: While we sympathize deeply, we can’t be responsible for bad haircuts or incorrect color treatments. Your best bet is to not get your hair cut or colored within 7 days of your session, then if something goes awry and you need to reschedule, you can do so without losing your deposit.

Illness: Remember when it wasn’t a bad thing to go somewhere while you were sick? Well you shouldn’t! It’s always been a bad thing – particularly when you’re paying to get photos taken of your sick face. No one wants those photos. And no one wants to get sick. Just let us know. Stay home. We’ll figure it out. 

HMUAs: While we love makeup artists, we do not view them as an absolute necessity for a headshot session and so we don’t schedule around them. We will try and help you if you’re in a tricky situation with a makeup artist that has cancelled on you, but we cannot be responsible for moving your appointment based on your HMUA’s availability (or lack thereof). We recommend asking your HMUA about their contingency plan for replacing themselves if they book a great gig or get sick last minute before you book them.

If we need to reschedule your appointment for any reason, you will be entitled to a full refund of your deposit if you do not wish to reschedule.


All of our pricing information is available on our pricing page. All referrals can take $20 off of the session fee and returning clients can take $30 off the session fee. Be sure to let us know how you heard about us / that you’ve shot with us before.

Headshots: We utilize a diffused natural light style for acting and corporate headshots because it’s flattering, and well, natural (we think you should look a lot like your headshot when you walk in the room). For actors, these shots are often focused on particular character types with specific wardrobe. We may venture outdoors if it fits the type or mood you’re going for, but for the most part we use textured and color backdrops with natural sunlight combined with soft studio lights in our 800sf space. (Bonus: it can’t rain on our parade when it comes to studio sessions, so we’re never at the mercy of the weather gods.)

Product Photography: We’d love to help you get imagery for your product, or book, or service, or company for your website and socials. Check out THINGS to view our portfolio. 

PR / Beauty / Fitness Shots: We’re outfitted for all kinds of shoots, including full body, fitness, beauty, group photos, and PR portrait shots. We recommend booking 2 hours minimum if you want to delve into this more stylized session (especially if combining it with a regular headshot session). We’ve got extra large backdrops, white walls, multi-colored walls for fun, and textured walls for drama. 

PR shots can be a really valuable addition to your IMDB, website, and general marketing strategy. 

Corporate / Professional Headshots for Individuals and Teams: Email us to book an individual corporate style headshot session or send your team to our studio for headshots that reflect the brand and tell the right story. We’ll make it painless, we promise. 

Outdoor / Lifestyle: We’re lucky to be surrounded by all kinds of photogenic backdrops at 270˚ Studios, both indoors and outdoors. During your session we may go outside to shoot in front of textured walls or even out on the street. You can get PR style shots here as well as specific character driven headshots.

Please let us know what you need before coming in so we can be prepared. Feel free to shoot over mood boards, sample photos from our site, or anything else that will give us a visual reference for your goals. 

See session results. Get a visual of PORTRAIT/HEADSHOT session results and PRODUCT/BRANDING session results.


Yes, in fact, sharing a session with a partner or friend is a great way to save a little money and still get the looks you need. Just keep the following in mind:

When you book a shared session, we have both you and your shooting partner arrive at the same time and switch back and forth throughout the session so that one of you shoots while the other preps for the next look. This works best when you’re doing your own hair and makeup and/or you don’t need to make major adjustments between looks.

Hiring a professional HMUA makes a shared session more complicated, but not impossible. We highly recommend booking The Works if both parties want to use pro HMUA services. We’ll be happy to get into the weeds with you on the logistics of this if you let us know your specific needs when you contact us.

We recommend limiting the shared session to 2 people.


No, we don’t have a waitlist, but you can always check HERE for appointments that have opened back up or even new spots we’ve added when our schedule allows. Fair warning, they are often last minute, but if you’ve got your plan in order, you might be able to get in quickly. Just click that handy green banner at the top of every page when you want to check.

FAQs about Pre-Planning and the Shoot Day

Sort of. For those with a makeup routine, chances are you can do your own makeup to ensure you recognize yourself in your photos. For those who have neither makeup nor any kind of routine, Allison will do basic application to even out skin tone and stop shininess (this does not include beauty application, only base foundation and anti-shine powder). 

When doing your own H/MU you’ll want to arrive as close to camera-ready as possible for your first look, but bring along your makeup bag and hot hair tools so you can maintain your fly-ness throughout the shoot. If Allison is doing your basic makeup application, she will take care of it during the pre-shoot prep time. 

If you have areas of concern, feel free to ask about the post-process to decide if it’s something that needs to be addressed or not. 

Hiring a Pro HMUA: If you decide to hire a professional Hair + Makeup Artist, please be sure to let us know. We do not hire HMUAs for clients, but we do have a list of excellent artists that know our studio, as well as information to keep in mind for booking and scheduling your HMUA.

CHANGES to H/MU: Please remember that hair and makeup changes – like curling or waving your hair, or going from athletic to date night – take time. The simpler your hair and makeup plan is, the more looks you can get. On the flip side, making bigger changes to hair and makeup may give you fewer but more versatile looks. There are benefits to both methods, so just be sure to decide what your priorities are before your appointment. 

Good question, imaginary client! Wardrobe is super important and should not be left to the last minute. Formulating a plan before the session helps everything go smoothly and gives you all the confidence going into your session. If you’re repped, check with your agents and/or managers as they may have very specific requests. Allison is also more than happy to consult on your wardrobe before your session or on the day. Here are a couple of options for help on this:

If you want to get input from us, we offer a few options. First, the freebies: you can send along your list of looks/types and wardrobe options via google drive or dropbox (not text, please)  and Allison will get back to you with feedback. You just need to send this email at least 5 days before your session. A 20-minute zoom consultation is also possible but based on availability. 

Full Consultations: For more in depth help, we offer a Full Virtual Consultation ($100) where we recommend types to aim for, specific wardrobe suggestions, accessorizing tips, hair and makeup / grooming suggestions, shopping links to suggested pieces whenever possible, and presented in the order we recommend shooting. We’ll start with a request for materials so Allison can review and lay out a plan for you and then we’ll do a follow up via zoom to go over everything. 

Stylists: If you want more hands-on help, a stylist (like the lovely Buckley Sampson) will take you shopping and help you devise a solid plan. Whatever input you get, we highly recommend narrowing down your choices to a reasonable, easy to schlep number before your shoot date.

Absolutely. Allison has a background in filmmaking, has experience directing for film, and has worked with actors and non-actors for years. She will communicate with you (really!) as she shoots and will not just let you wonder if you’re doing things right. But there’s always room for you to try things and get silly too. 

Yes. If you need matching Slates for some or all of your headshot looks, we can tape these for you during the session. It does take a few minutes before or after each look, so it’s best to plan for fewer looks or book more time if this is something you need. The fee for this service is a flat $65 and includes editing. The files will be uploaded and sent separately from your gallery.

Please be sure to let us know if you need this prior to your appointment so we can have the equipment set up and ready to tape.

We are located in the industrial area of Atwater Village, near Golden Road Brewery. 

Yes. Our large multi-purpose creative space has plenty of room for you to spread out. There’s a bathroom, makeup area, and private changing space. We have a small kitchenette with water, microwave, and fridge. The studio also has an HVAC system that keeps us from completely melting away during those east side summers and freezing (jk) during the winter.

FAQs about After the Shoot

You’ll receive an email with a link to your online gallery within one week of your session. You’ll be able to access and  download high resolution and web resolution files from this gallery. We’ll also include all the post session details in this email, from retouching to social media sharing to storage. 


We do. Every session comes with at least one retouched image. You can check your session breakdown on the pricing page for more information. (This will also be covered in your gallery link email.) Additional retouching for Tandem clients, beyond what is included with your session, is $18 per image. 

The fee for non-Tandem photo retouching is usually $25 per image, but ultimately depends on the quality of the photo we are working with and the amount of work that is required. You can email it over for an exact quote.

For more information go HERE.

Sometimes. If our Tandem client retouching queue is short, we’ll be happy to take on your non-Tandem images. The fee for outside photo retouching begins at $25 per image, but ultimately depends on the quality of the photo we are working with and the amount of work that is required. You can email it over for an exact quote.

For more information go HERE.

FAQs about Other Stuff

Yep, we also edit reels. Check out more details HERE. We don’t tape reel footage or auditions (but for the latter, we highly recommend our friends over at Intrepid Tapes.)


Yep, we also make websites for creatives and other small businesses. Check out more details here: Design


Yes. Check out our gifts page for more details on buying a headshot session or design/editing credit for the lucky so-and-so in your life.


We are vaccinated and boosted and will not require you to wear masks at any time during your session. We will mask up in accordance with state and local policies and/or your preference as the client.


Don’t worry! We’ll send out an email when you book with more information that is specific to your shoot and tips to help you prepare. And if you have more questions, just ask us. We’re nice!


"Omg these are amazing!!!!"
"Allison and Matthew thank you so much! You did an amazing job and it's gonna be such hard work to pick. I'm so happy! Thank you thank you thank you!"
"Ho. Lee. Sheet. These are insane."
"I got an agent!! Your headshots are amazing!! I got signed to [LA agency]! Thanks so much!!...I’ll be in touch about getting some touch ups, although the photos are so good already...Thank you so much!"
"Ok I gotta tell you -- I booked like 20 gigs last year from those headshots and I'm STILL BOOKING."
"Really, really good stuff...In fact, I posted [a shot] on facebook and got about 400 likes, 30 something comments and a handful of DM's from people congratulating me on coming into my own.I mean...if you're looking for better feedback than that, you're a greedy MFer'"
"I am absolutely floored. I’ve never come out of a session so happy and feeling so confident. I literally can’t choose between photos because I love them all...Thank you guys so much!"
"I’m so happy you convinced me to do [a particular look]. Those pics are just so cool. It really reflects the kind of roles I’ve been dying to play but haven’t gotten the chance. It made me cry a little bit...So excited thank you xoxo"
"Thank you so much for such a great shoot!!...I am usually pretty nervous for headshots and you made it such a joyful easy experience. I really appreciate it!!"
"Oh my goodness—I’m so excited about these!! Thank you so much. Can’t wait to go through in more detail and pick my favorites, but I’m thrilled so far 🙂 Thank you for making such beautiful, creative choices with the PR stuff—it’s exactly what I wanted."
"My headshots have had great results already and I'm about to sign with a new agent!!! Thank you so much! They're amazing!"
"My reps LOVE the shots and we've already started using [them]. They're getting lots of attention. THANK YOU!"
"I am in love with these new shots...Thank you so much for capturing ME. They feel fresh and vibrant - exactly what I was hoping for."
"Wanted to thank you for the lovely experience you cultivated during our photo session. Just wanted to let you know, I was immediately signed to an agent from your headshots. She was so impressed with them all that she asked for your info and wants to send her other clients your way."
"I just counted. I booked 18 film/tv jobs off of the photos from our last session."
"It truly was a joy working with you. Headshots can sometimes be such a daunting chore, but you made it so fun and easy."
"Hey wanted to reach out and let you know that I am absolutely in love with these photos. Having the hardest time narrowing them down thank you so much ❤️"
"Just wanted to say thanks! I am really happy with the session and can't believe we managed to get all of that done in an hour! WOW. This is honestly the best I've ever felt about headshots."
"I'm happy! Reps are happy! [My agent] wants to replace all my old looks with the new-new vibe!"

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