Downloading Your Session in High Resolution

We recommend going through your session, taking your time deciding which images you want to have, and downloading just those individual files. But if you want the whole enchilada, as no one says anymore, then follow the guidelines below.

1) Open the link from your email.

2) Select one look at a time. Your files are numbered by look. So numbers 1001-1125 (for example) cover the first look in your session. Numbers 2001-2120 (for example) cover the second look in your session, and so on. There are usually around 100 images per look, so click on the first image in the look then scroll down to the last image in the look while holding down the shift key.

3) Right click on your selected images and click “Download”. 

4) Wait a few minutes (while staying on the page) as Drive zips your file. The download box in the lower right will indicate the progress.

5) Once the file is zipped, your browser will start the download automatically or give you the option to save the file (depends on which browser you’re using).

6) Repeat #2-5 for each look until you’ve downloaded the entire session.

The files are large, so getting all of them takes patience. This is the easiest method for getting your entire session correctly. There are other methods, but we’ll let Google explain them.

Reminder: Your session folder will remain active for 2 months. We will still have your session on file for a few months after that. You’ll be notified via email before we delete your session.