Tandem Photo

our work

Below you’ll find samples of headshots, portraits, and branding images created in our LA studio and on-location. We know headshots might not be your favorite thing, but we’re pretty good at making the process painless. We believe in direction and guidance as well as free wheelin’ exploration, so you can focus on bringing the vibes without wondering if you’re doing it right. 

More about our approach...

Allison went to film school and has a background in acting and directing. Her method is to treat sessions similarly to a class – even for the non-actors. She’ll talk you through posing and give you thoughts and feelings to play with throughout the shoot. We hear this is a novel approach, but as actors, it comes naturally to us. When it comes to the post-process, we don’t want to make you look like an AI generated face and we fully support you using unretouched images if you love them as is (many images above are minimally or entirely unretouched).