$60 per hour
1 hour minimum; billed on a 1/2 hour basis thereafter

Having even a short clip to showcase your talent can be a vital tool in landing representation and auditions. Below, we’ve laid out the step-by-step process for getting this taken care of already!​

Find Your Footage

Bug whoever you need to bug to get all of your digital video files and/or links together. Make sure you have the highest quality possible. We can grab or digitize footage for you for an additional $35 flat fee*.

Note Your Timecodes

Write down the in and out points in Hr:Min:Sec format to send to us so we can easily find you. We will advise you on what to use and what order to go with if you need a little help. This step will save us time and you money, so we highly recommend it.

Send us Everything

Drop your files into a Google Drive or Dropbox folder and then share that folder with us. If you have links, email them over. If you have DVDs and cannot digitize them or find the project online, we'll set up a time for you to drop them off or you can mail them over.

Cut + Review

Once we’ve got the first cut of your reel, we’ll send you a link to review. If you have any changes you’d like to see just send us your notes and we’ll send it back. Once we have a final cut we’ll make your reel available for download in all the formats you’ll need.

Pro Tip

Consider also getting isolated edits of all the clips in your reel. You can upload these to your casting profiles and provide your reps with every tool they need to submit and pitch you for the role.

view our work on Vimeo:

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