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We’re Allison and Matthew, the wife-husband team behind Tandem Photo.

Allison does the shooting, consulting, retouching, and design. She’s been shooting portraits since high school and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Film & Television Production. She brings the experience of an actor, writer, cinematographer, and director to Tandem and loves working with people (and things) on-set and in the studio. 

Matthew, also an actor, takes care of all the less glamorous back-of-house stuff like accounting, organization, and quality control. We are a 10+ year functioning business because of Matthew. He’s also responsible for spiriting away all those blinky faces that are inevitable in every shoot. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Engineering which isn’t all that relevant to a photography business, but is a fun fact.

Allison started Tandem in 2011 as an editing and web design company specific to actors’ needs (Tandem Web & Reels). In 2012, we added headshot photography to our menu, which quickly took over and we became Tandem Photo. In 2013, Matthew joined up full time and gave new meaning to the company name.

We worked out of our apartment for about six and a half years, providing great quality headshots in a 20sf shooting-area. But in 2019, we took a leap and expanded our business with a new studio in Atwater Village. We spent months renovating 270˚ Studios ourselves (with the help and support of family and friends) and we’re thrilled to now have a unique and versatile space to share with our clients and other creatives.

When we’re not shooting or renting the studio to other teams, you can usually find us in the shop at 270˚ making things out of wood for fun and sometimes profit. That side of things is known as 270˚ Craftworks. We also LOVE to travel (here’s a little secret Travel Photography page that we neglect updating because, well, life.) 

It’s our goal to make every headshot session a fun and collaborative experience. More often than not, our clients end the session with a “That was so easy!” or “That was actually fun!” which is how we like it.

So, as the name suggests, let’s work together to get your sh*t together.

Thanks for visiting!

-A & M

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