Hair + Makeup Artistry

You are not required to hire a hair and makeup artist. But if you prefer to, please let us know if you need prep time/space before your session. We can provide up to 75 minutes of prep time prior to your session to get ready with them at the studio (but only if we know you need it and have scheduled you accordingly). If you want more time, you will need to arrange an off-site appointment with your HMUA beforehand. They are welcome to come with you to shoot even if you prep off-site first.

Disclaimer: We love working with hair and makeup artists, but we take no part in hiring an HMUA for you, nor do we take any responsibility for artists cancelling on you – like actors, they  sometimes need to take a good gig when they get it. You enter into this agreement with your HMUA directly. We highly encourage you to keep communication open and clear throughout your planning process. Before you hire a makeup artist, look at their work, confirm their rate, and ask about their cancellation policy.

More info after the list…

A list of talented hair + makeup artists that know how we work:

pricing is based on last known info
all rates should be confirmed before booking.

Nancy Nicholson, Makeup + Hair
Portfolio  |  Email

Bethany Johnson, Makeup + Hair
$250 for up to 3 hours
$85 per hour thereafter
Portfolio  |  Email

T’ai Rising Moore, Makeup + Hair
$250 for up to 3 hours
$50 per additional hour
Portfolio  |  Email

Theresa Baca, Makeup + Hair
Portfolio  |  Email

Danielle Katherine, Makeup + Hair
$260 for up to 3 hours
Portfolio  |  Email

Kate Hollinshead, Makeup + Hair
$175 for 1-hour sessions
$250 for 2-hour sessions
$300 for 3-hour sessions
+$50 per 30 minutes from there
Portfolio  |  Email

Kelsey Link, Makeup + “Light” Hair
Portfolio  |  Email

Jayme Kavanaugh, Makeup + Hair
$200 for “Do & Go”
$250 for on-set presence, 1-3 looks
+ $50 for 4-5 looks 
Portfolio  |  Email

Jordan Fox, Makeup + Hair
Portfolio  |  Email

Kristin Andersson, Makeup + Hair
$100 makeup
$100 hair
$50 for on set presence
Portfolio  |  Email

A few other things to keep in mind:

If you require specialty makeup – eg: goth, punk, glam, hosting, beauty – you will want to schedule, at minimum, a 2-hour session for no more than 4 looks (3 hrs w/HMUA). If time allows, we’ll be happy to work in more looks. If you absolutely need more looks, you will need to book more time. Specialty makeup may incur a higher fee with your makeup artist, so be upfront about it.

You are not required to hire an HMUA from the list below. If you hire a different HMUA, please be sure they know how to do headshot hair and makeup. It is different from beauty, glam, and special effects makeup. These are headshots that should look like you, not you at your wedding, not you on the red carpet, but you when you walk into the audition room.

Lastly, remember that your makeup artist works in very close proximity to your face. Respect them and us by not coming to your session if you’re sick. Let us know and we’ll work with you.