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tips and Recommendation list

the super simple gist:

– We offer basic coverage for those who don’t usually wear makeup and who don’t own their own makeup. This includes light foundation for evening out skin tone and anti-shine powder. This does not include beauty application on eyes/cheeks/lips.

– If you want more than this, consider hiring a pro and read on for all the information.

the expanded gist:

– We love working with pro hair and makeup artists (HMUAs) but we do not consider it a must.

– We don’t arrange HMUAs for clients but we have a list of excellent options below if you’re interested.

– You don’t have to hire an HMUA from our list, but we recommend making sure you’ve seen and liked the portfolio of whomever you decide to hire.

– Complimentary prep time is available at the studio for the Standard and Power Hour (not the Short). We will tack on an additional hour to your shoot time if you want to meet your HMUA and prep before the shoot. You must let us know this is your plan when you book so we can schedule you accordingly

– For the Short Sesh: Your HMUA is welcome to accompany you to the shoot, but you should arrive to these sessions as close to camera-ready as possible and know that they will not have time to do major changes.

– We are not responsible for your HMUA cancelling on you. Check on their back up plan or see if they can make recommendations if they need to cancel last minute – or be prepared to do your own hair and makeup.

hot tips:

– Use your HMUAs portfolio for inspiration and to tell them about the looks you are aiming to get. Visual references always work better than written or verbal descriptions. 

– Share your inspiration images and goals for the session with your HMUA (and your photographer) before your shoot for smooth sailing on the day.

– Arriving with your hair first-look-ready is a great way to save time!

– Make sure your HMUA has a back up plan or recommendations if they need to cancel last minute, or be prepared to do your own makeup so you’re not at the will of anyone else. (Yes, we said this twice.)

– Be honest with yourself before hiring a pro. There is no right or wrong, but ask yourself some questions: Have you liked or disliked the results of working with an HMUA in the past? Are you very particular about the way your H/MU is done? What are the goals for your shoot and do you have the skills needed to achieve those goals? Think about it before you opt in or out of pro-HMUA services.

Confirm the RATES and the TIME FRAME, including prep time, with your HMUA before booking.

Joanna Wood
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T’ai Rising Moore
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Theresa Baca
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Jayme Kavanaugh
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Brigette Marino
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Bethany Johnson
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Robin Rodriguez
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Stephen Bowman
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Ashanta Artistry (LA Hair & Makeup)
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Nancy Nicholson
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Kate Hollinshead
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Rachel Nicole
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Jessica Pierre
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Kelsey Link
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Danielle Katherine
(max booking time 3 hours total)
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