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Our retouching services cover things like skin correction, blemish removal, eye brightening, teeth whitening, softening of fine lines, cleaning up fly away hairs, and any clothing fixes that may be necessary. We welcome any and all notes you have, and ask that you include them when you order your retouching (as opposed to after you've received the images back).

• Tandem Images: $15

The fee for retouching additional photos from any session with us is $15 per image. If you order retouching within the first six months of your session with us, you do not need to send any files over. Just double check the file numbers and send us a list and any notes you may have.

If you order retouching after having received the notice that your session is expiring, please send the highest quality image you have over to us to work with. Your "Full" or "FR" image is preferred. Please zip the images into one file and use a file sharing service like Google Drive, Dropbox, or WeTransfer to send them over to us.

Multi-person Tandem Photo images: There is a $20 retouch fee for all multi-person images.

• Non-Tandem Images: $20+

We are unable to fulfull non-Tandem retouching orders at this time.
The minimum fee for retouching photos from a non-Tandem session is $20 per image. We rarely charge more for this service, but we ask that you shoot over a screen shot of the images along with all areas of concern and we'll send back an exact quote. If everything looks good to you, you can email over the full quality images and we'll get your order in our queue. Please be sure to email the highest quality images available to you in zip file format via Google Drive, Dropbox, or WeTransfer. Multi-person non-Tandem Photo images: $25 minimum

• Special Effects Editing: Varies

Whether they are photos shot with us or with another photographer, if you require something out of the ordinary like background color changes, hair color adjustments, clothing color adjustments, body reshaping, etc, there may be an additional fee beyond the standard $15/$20. Please email with the details and we'll let you know if it's in our wheelhouse and send you a quote. Multi-person non-Tandem Photo images: $25 starting.

• Turnaround:

The standard turnaround for getting your retouched photos back is 5-7 days, however, it could be shorter or longer depending on our queue. We'll let you know what to expect when you place your order.

Rush-Fee: If you need your photos retouched and delivered back to you within 48 hours, we'll be happy to make it happen if we're available. A $5 per image rush-fee will be applied and we will begin work as soon as we receive your payment. If we're not available to do it, we'll let you know asap.

Place an Order:

You'll find the 4-digit image number in the file name of each image. Please list in numerical order and double check for typos.

If you need to send images, please email them to:

Please note: We don't offer discounts on multi-image orders because we work with each photo individually and don't do any "batch" retouching beyond the color correction that you receive initially (with Tandem images).
Thanks for understanding.