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It's Headshot Selection Season!
The current turnaround may be up to 2 weeks.

Why though?

We prioritize shoots, session processing + delivery, and then retouching, in that order.

The good news is that you can start using your images right now and then replace the unretouched versions with your retouched versions once they're ready. For actors, you can replace your images for free as long as they are retouched versions of the same image. Contact customer service for confirmation before you upload and to make the request once you've received your files.

What's covered?

Our $18 per image retouching fee covers things like skin correction, blemish removal, eye brightening, teeth whitening, softening of fine lines, cleaning up fly away hairs, and any clothing fixes that may be necessary. We welcome any and all notes you have, and ask that you include them when you order your retouching (as opposed to after you've received the images back).

For product photography, our $18 per image retouching fee covers fine tuning of the image, clean up on products, backdrop expansion when needed, and color adjustments.

We highly encourage you to start with the images that are included with your package (all photo packages come with at least one retouch) so you can make an educated decision before you pay for any additional images.

Additional fees may apply if your requests fall outside of these included elements.

For multi-person shots, there is an additional $10 fee per face.

Placing your Order

Fill out the form below. Double check your numbers - make sure the four digit file codes you enter match your selections. We can't offer discounts for typos.

If you've received the session deletion notice from us we may not have your images on file. You will need to email us the highest resolution files you have via google drive, dropbox, or wetransfer.

We'll follow up to let you know we've received your order and will include an invoice for any additional images at that time. Your retouches will go into the queue, but we will not begin work on them until we've received your payment (if ordering additional images beyond what is included with your session).

Non-Tandem Images

Due to a high volume of orders from our clients, we are not offering retouching services for any non-Tandem images at this time.

Place an Order:

Please do not fill out the form for each image you are ordering. You can indicate specific notes for corresponding file #s in the notes section.

If you need to send images, please email them to:

Please note: We don't offer discounts on multi-image orders because we work with each photo individually and don't do any "batch" retouching beyond the color correction that you receive initially (with Tandem images).
Thanks for understanding.

"Omg these are amazing!!!!"
"Allison and Matthew thank you so much! You did an amazing job and it's gonna be such hard work to pick. I'm so happy! Thank you thank you thank you!"
"Ho. Lee. Sheet. These are insane."
"I got an agent!! Your headshots are amazing!! I got signed to [LA agency]! Thanks so much!!...I’ll be in touch about getting some touch ups, although the photos are so good already...Thank you so much!"
"Ok I gotta tell you -- I booked like 20 gigs last year from those headshots and I'm STILL BOOKING."
"Really, really good stuff...In fact, I posted [a shot] on facebook and got about 400 likes, 30 something comments and a handful of DM's from people congratulating me on coming into my own.I mean...if you're looking for better feedback than that, you're a greedy MFer'"
"I am absolutely floored. I’ve never come out of a session so happy and feeling so confident. I literally can’t choose between photos because I love them all...Thank you guys so much!"
"I’m so happy you convinced me to do [a particular look]. Those pics are just so cool. It really reflects the kind of roles I’ve been dying to play but haven’t gotten the chance. It made me cry a little bit...So excited thank you xoxo"
"Thank you so much for such a great shoot!!...I am usually pretty nervous for headshots and you made it such a joyful easy experience. I really appreciate it!!"
"Oh my goodness—I’m so excited about these!! Thank you so much. Can’t wait to go through in more detail and pick my favorites, but I’m thrilled so far 🙂 Thank you for making such beautiful, creative choices with the PR stuff—it’s exactly what I wanted."
"My headshots have had great results already and I'm about to sign with a new agent!!! Thank you so much! They're amazing!"
"My reps LOVE the shots and we've already started using [them]. They're getting lots of attention. THANK YOU!"
"I am in love with these new shots...Thank you so much for capturing ME. They feel fresh and vibrant - exactly what I was hoping for."
"Wanted to thank you for the lovely experience you cultivated during our photo session. Just wanted to let you know, I was immediately signed to an agent from your headshots. She was so impressed with them all that she asked for your info and wants to send her other clients your way."
"I just counted. I booked 18 film/tv jobs off of the photos from our last session."
"It truly was a joy working with you. Headshots can sometimes be such a daunting chore, but you made it so fun and easy."
"Hey wanted to reach out and let you know that I am absolutely in love with these photos. Having the hardest time narrowing them down thank you so much ❤️"
"Just wanted to say thanks! I am really happy with the session and can't believe we managed to get all of that done in an hour! WOW. This is honestly the best I've ever felt about headshots."
"I'm happy! Reps are happy! [My agent] wants to replace all my old looks with the new-new vibe!"

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