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rescheduling policy

Please read it. Thanks!

There is a $75 non-refundable deposit required to hold your appointment. We collect a deposit to ensure that all parties have a stake in keeping the appointment. Once paid, this deposit is 100% non-refundable, no exceptions.

• If you need to reschedule your shoot, your deposit will still be applied to your session as long as you give us five days’ notice.

• You will lose your deposit if you request to reschedule within five days of your appointment. A new deposit will be due if you want to get back on the calendar and the old one will go to cover the lost time on our end**

• If you change your mind and no longer wish to shoot at all, your deposit is forfeited.

Super specific example on the one week’s notice thing: If your session is on Friday the 25th at 12:35pm, be sure to request to reschedule by Sunday the 20th at 12:35pm to retain your deposit. If you request to reschedule after that time, you will lose your deposit. 
We understand that life happens, and we are not trying to be mean, but we cannot be responsible for things that come up in your life that prevent you from coming in. For ACTORS, we recommend you book out during the time of your shoot, or that you let us know if there’s even a possibility of a callback or a booking conflict (share those callback and/or possible shoot dates when you get them).  

** Now the exceptions – you’re right, we said no exceptions! Keep reading anyway:
• If we find someone to take your place, you keep your deposit. In our experience, it’s tricky to find a taker with less than a week’s notice, but we will try because we like being able to pay bills.
• If you find someone to take your place. The deposit is fully transferable if you have a friend who will take the appointment. Kind of like a concert ticket, except headshots. So actually very different, but you get it.
• If we have to reschedule you for any reason, you can opt for a refund and decline to rebook.
Please note that not reading this policy is not a valid excuse for requesting that your deposit be refunded. Not sure who we’re talking to here, because now you’ve read the whole thing and you’re the best!